Green Walls

Green Walls

Although the first steps were taken in the 1930’s, the living walls are the systems that started to become popular in the city life during the last 10-12 years. Green Walls (vertical garden/green wall/living wall/eco-wall) includes many different application systems have been developed to minimize the damaging effects of the cities and offer long-lasting green area/façade/surface alternatives against the structural, environmental pressure of the daily life.

With the wall or ground attachments, single or double side options and its mono-block design consisting of a galvanized steel cage module system, Gardensa Green Wall Systems differ from other green wall systems. Since the mono-block design functions as a whole like a soil surface on the horizontal plane, it creates an environment that restricts the growth of plant roots.

Thanks to our special transplantation mixture which create the best and long-lasting plantation environment for plants, there is no need to change the soil for years. Our system does not use oasis flower foams, turfs or felts as a plant production environment.

Drip pipes specially manufactured for our system get through the module, has a dropping range suitable for green wall applications and possess anti-root /anti/dust features. An automation technology, the process of irrigation and fertilization is automatically carried out. This irrigation system does not only allow for a minimum amount of water consumption, but also provide an opportunity for a sustainable, healthy plantation by means of giving the water to the plants in such amount limited to their needs.

And the plants are chosen after detailed analyses we carry out considering many different data such as climatic conditions, visual and technical expectations and operation and maintenance systems, each handled with focusing on the respective project.