Design And Project

Special solutions in design, avoiding uniformity

Each work we deal with is unique for us. We approach to each project with a different point of view. First of all, we fully understand the need and avoid uniform answers.

We study on and learn about the geography, flora, climate, ecology and even history and culture of the location where we will work. We think of the soil, water, sun and wind and blend them with our knowledge and experience. We base our design on the principles of practicability, sustainability and productivity, attach importance to the aesthetics created by the detailed and consider using of the new materials and technologies with an open minded approach. Creativity in design means “adding values” for us. With our landscaping projects, we bring a new character to the city life, improve the rural life and, enlarge the green living spaces.

We use each side of our brain equally and make them race against each other during the design process. We design every single detail by melting our Italian and Turkish taste on the same pot. Each of our designs offers the right answers to the respective needs and brings the refined aesthetic thereto.