Project Name

    Özel Yerleşim


    Kale Kilit

    Project Area

    26.000 m2

    Architectural Design

    Bakırküre Mimarlık

    Landscape Design

    Gardensa Ltd.

    Landscaping Implementation

    Gardensa Ltd.



In accordance with the new residential life created by the restoration of the existing buildings in the olive grove, the topographical and vegetative natural texture of the area was made suitable for landscape functions. In order to make the steeply sloping areas suitable for these functions, rocks, which are part of the natural texture, were used to create a usage area without disturbing the natural appearance.

In the project, plant species belonging to the natural vegetation of the Aegean nature were used in order to diversify and enrich the plant texture and to provide functions such as privacy, screening and landscape viewing required by residential use.

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