What We Do
The soil, flora and the climate offer us and what we could do in harmony with the cultural structure.

Our design, production, implementation and consultancy depatments, each with the capacity of a company, are able to provide services independently and if necessary they can work in harmony for a turn key project. We in Gardensa carry out soft and hard landscape designs in large-scale projects, where people live, produce, rest and entertain together, such as hotels, hospitals, schools, factories, organized industrial zones, airports, marinas, highways, shopping center, qualified housing projects, city parks and so on.

We work with the understanding of end-to-end services in landscape industry. We take your projects from the zero point and turn them into practice, until they become a part of your lives. Our teams who work with the culture of cooperation and ethical business understanding, complete your projects with a balance of price-performance and sustainability.

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